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11/19/04--Fonzworth Bentley is P. Diddy's former personal assistant.  He plans to come out with his own line of umbrellas in 2005.  Photo by Steve Campbell     HOUCHRON CAPTION (12/29/2004) SECNEWS COLORFRONT:  Fonzworth Bentley has gone from being P. Diddy's (NOT PICTURED) personal assistant to a celebrity in his own right.     HOUCHRON CAPTION (12/29/2004) SECSTAR COLOR:  IS IT RAINING? The impeccably dressed Fonzworth Bentley is filling a fashion niche with his line of umbrellas.        HOUCHRON CAPTION (01/07/2005) SECLAVIBRA COLOR:  EL QUE CON LOBOS  ANDA....:  gracias a su forma de vestir y a su trabajo con P. Diddy, Fonzworth Bentley se ha vuelto una celebridad.